Introduction Teensy LC (Low Cost) is a 32-bit microcontroller board that you can get from PJRC a company in Oregon, USA, which is owned and managed by Paul Stoffregen. It features an ARM Cortex-M0+ processor designed for low-power, low-cost devices. You can buy it and read more technical details on PJRC’s Teensy LC page. I am writing this tutorial as a complete guide for starting with the Teensy LC development and also as a reference for myself in case I need to revisit it in the future.
Quest 001: Teensy LC Challenge Prologue It all started with a simple tweet. I was going through my parts inventory and found the two items collecting dust — I won them as prizes on HackADay.io for two of my projects there (you can check my profile here). So I won 2 prizes from @hackadayio back in 2015: a "#Teensy LC" & a "Cordwood Puzzle". Thanks @szczys @asiwatch I was busy since then & never used it, so now it's time to put it to Good Use.