Quest 001: Teensy LC Challenge

Teensy LC Projects


It all started with a simple tweet. I was going through my parts inventory and found the two items collecting dust — I won them as prizes on for two of my projects there (you can check my profile here).

I thought that I should make a project using these prizes, but then I thought if I just make a single project it won’t cut it; so I decided it would be great to start a challenge were you (the community — I happen to have 3.9k followers on suggest project ideas and I build, make and document these projects, which means sharing my project(s), my build logs, my comments and a little bit of experience with the community. This would definitely cut it!

How to submit ideas

So how all of this works? Well, I invite you to suggest/submit a project idea by commenting on this post below (you will need a github account, it’s free.), alternatively you can mention me on twitter @hefnawi_ or publish a tweet with this hashtag: #Hefnawi_TeensyLC_Challenge.

I urge you to submit your ideas and don’t think about it, I will be the judge of whether I can make it or not, but then where is the challenge if you just think I can make it, right? 😄

Note: All projects (including build logs & firmware / codebase) are going to be released online under an open source license on this Github reopsitory.

Projects (Expanding slowly…)

Github repo

The hefnawi/teensy-lc-challenge Github repository has all the projects features in the Teensy LC Quest and its source code. Feel free to fork it and share your projects back 😄